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Low Back Pain:

Low back pain (LBP) can be acute or chronic. It has a variety of causes. In young adults, degenerative disc disease and overuse injuries are common causes of LBP. LBP usually responds to conservative treatments without the need of surgery.

Non-surgical treatments include the use of medications for pain relief, anti-inflammation medications, and muscle relaxants. Physical activities including dynamic core muscle exercises, and physical therapy are important rehabilitation treatments for pain relief. 

The use of adjunct therapeutic devices such as TENS, and ultrasound, and paying attention to ergonomics are important factors in treating LBP. Cessation of smoking and weight reduction are also encouraged. Epidural and facet joint injections may be recommended if conservative treatment fails.

Dr. Yu will work with patients to customize each person's need to achieve goal specific treatment in athletes, lay persons, and workers with LBP.

Athletic Treatments:

As one of the world's leading sports medicine authorities, Dr. Yu can offer patients a wide range of non-surgical and surgical, conventional and cutting-edge treatment options, including arthroscopy, physical therapy, cartilage regeneration, ligament restoration, and meniscus transplantation.

Cartilage regeneration - a special area of research and study for Dr. Yu - offers a relatively new and advanced approach to cartilage restoration. The process uses cell culture technology to enable a small sample of the patient's own cartilage to be grown in a laboratory into millions of new cells, which can then be implanted into the damaged area of the knee.

The meniscus transplant is an outpatient, arthoscopically assisted procedure, that uses a donor meniscus. First performed 15 years ago, the procedure has evolved significantly. Intermediate results using these improved techniques are encouraging; long-term results are pending.

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