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Education Programs

Specialists at Dr. Yu's clinic are dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the newest medical procedures practiced at our office. We hold seminars in which we review and demonstrate common orthopedic procedures with the goal of providing you a better understanding of them.

Saturdays at the Clinic are informal conferences held at our clinic on specified Saturdays. Health care professionals team up with students from local high schools and universities to present workshops, presentations, and demonstrations.  Dr. Yu is committed to keeping the public educated about different techniques and new advance made in orthopedic medicine.

The highlight of the spring series was a demonstration of a total knee replacement by Dr. Yu. Other subjects included:

  • Treatment of Sports Injuries
  • Prevention of Sports Injuries
  • Arthroscopic Surgery
  • COX-II inhibitors for pain
  • Total Joint Replacement
  • Anti-coagulants

Dr. Yu travels to various senior citizen centers, businesses, and schools to give lectures and demonstrations. If you are interested in having Dr. Yu as a speaker at your organizations, please contact our office.

SMILE Internship

Depending on your personal goals, you will be able to work with Dr. Yu and his staff to:

  • Become familiar with software used in health offices
  • Interact with patients in a clinical setting
  • Research ways to facilitate the patient-provider relation using technology
  • Contact insurance companies for different services
  • Produce and package guides for patients
  • Promote Dr. Yu’s educational programs                                             
  • Help design and update the office website                                                    

Through SMILE, we hope to give you the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the multifaceted areas of health care by working under the direct supervision of doctors and other health care professionals.

If you are interested in participating in the SMILE program, please print and fill out the forms attached below, then deliver them to our office for review. 


Dr. Yu also partners with several schools to offer externships. To see if Dr. Yu can work with your school's requirements, please contact us at 909 799 3838.

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