Leisure Yu, MD, Ph.D

One Commitment - One Focus - Our Patients

Team Members

Billing and Medical Records

Diana Gurrola

I will be the one to schedule your visit to our office. I also process, review, and file insurance claims and help you complete insurance forms. Any questions regarding payment plans or collections should be directed to my attention. Most requests for medical records are processed by me.

Additionally, I am the HIPAA privacy officer. Our policy is available to read here. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policies, please contact me. I am available Monday through Friday for any questions you might have.

Medical Assistant and Surgery Scheduling

Jessie Conklin

I assist Dr. Yu with patient care, and provide general medical information to patients. I answer questions regarding prescriptions and medical equipment. I also assist you in scheduling physical therapy, along with any medical tests. Please give us at least 48 hours notice on all prescription refill requests.  If a surgery is required, I will guide you through the process and schedule your surgery.

SMILE Interns

Since 2004, Dr. Yu has welcomed interns though the Student Medical Intern Learning Experience. Our interns will sometimes help you with scheduling your appointments and getting to know our office. If you are interested in applying as a SMILE intern, click here

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